From time to time, I may receive goods or earn a small amount of money in return for writing a post on my blog. This is simply because blogging cost money, therefore, this is a way of helping me to pay for the upkeep of my blog. I want to explain what the following terms mean.

Please understand that everything I write on my blog is my own personal view or opinion. I will always give you, my reader, 100% honesty.

Affiliate Links

From time to time, I might post articles on my blog with links to products. Sometimes the items will simply be products I have come across which I find helpful or useful and want to share with my readers. Or I might state that they are affiliate links.

I would like to explain more about this.

Being part of an affiliate programme may mean that I may earn a small commission if a reader clicks a link and makes a purchase. This will never cost the reader any extra.

By law, and by choice, I will always state that the post has an affiliate link if this is the case.

When I write an article containing affiliate links, the products mentioned will be products which I think would be useful, helpful or products that I use myself.

Any money I receive from affiliate links will help to run my blog.


From time to time, I may also write reviews on products.

When a blogger reviews a product, they normally receive a payment, a gift or the product free of charge. This is given in return for an honest review.

Again, both by law and by choice, if I am reviewing a product, I will state that at the start of my post.

Sponsored Posts

If a post is sponsored, it normally means that I have received a payment to write a blog post or mention a product.


I will always be honest when writing about products whether they are affiliate links, reviews or sponsored.

I believe you deserve my honesty. I will always give you that.


Should you wish to contact me about affiliate links, reviews, or sponsored posts, please email me at liz@despitepain.com

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