When we have chronic pain, we can easily become squashed down by it.

It can be overwhelming.

Sometimes it can feel as if it is the only thing in our lives. But it is not. We can’t allow pain to do that to us.

Recognise and acknowledge our pain

We need to recognise our pain and acknowledge how it affects us.
But we also need to recognise how it doesn’t affect us.

Despite pain, we can still laugh, love and enjoy life

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Despite Pain, Live Life, Love Life.
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Thank you for visiting my blog. Hope you enjoy the posts, and if you live with pain, hope it’s on a low level today.

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17 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hey there!! I think your positive outlook on what can easily be a negative situation is remarkable. I really enjoyed reading your post. – Olivia |www.oliviahalston.com|


  2. Swagata Sen

    Loved your blog and the fact that how you chose to share your pain with the world. I know how difficult life could get sometimes for those who suffer from chronic pain. Really a great effprt to share your journey with others with the same condition. I am sure your blog would be a great resource for them


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