How to Organise Medication and Keep it Secure

Do you ever have problems trying to organise medication? Do you ever worry about forgetting to take them or perhaps taking them twice? Have you ever had your meds stolen? Do you worry in case little hands find your medication?

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Organise Medication to Stay Safe

It can be difficult to organise and keep track of medication, can’t it? Who hasn’t said at some point, “Did I take my tablets this morning?” With no way of knowing, you have a dilemma. Do you take your med, with the risk of possibly doubling up, or do you risk going unmedicated?

Neither is a good solution because missing or doubling up on medication could be dangerous.

I’ve had the problem myself. I’m sure that my husband got so frustrated when he heard me mumbling that I wasn’t sure if I’d taken my tablets. He kept saying, “Liz, you need to get one of those pillboxes like the one your Dad has.” My Dad is in his eighties. I thought I was too young to need one of those. But eventually, after too many mix-ups, I realised that I did need one.

It’s got nothing to do with age, but it has everything to do with staying safe. Some medication causes brain fog and memory issues so it’s no real surprise that people can get mixed up.

Safety is a priority, therefore, using a pill organiser box is sensible.

How I Organise My Medication

I bought a weekly pill organiser from my local pharmacy and have been using it ever since.

Every Sunday morning, I stock up the pill organiser with all my meds for the week. This means that I can easily keep track of my medication. If I have a brain fog moment when I think, “did I or didn’t I take my meds,” I can just check the box.

It also means that if an emergency cropped up and I need to go away for a few days, I can just quickly grab my box, rather than all my individual boxes of meds.

My Pill Box

This is similar to the one I purchased. Unsurprisingly, after eight years of daily use, the writing has worn off, but the organiser is still in perfect condition.

Inside a sturdy plastic box, there are individual containers for each day. This means that if you’re going out somewhere, you only need to take one small container rather than the whole box.

There are four airtight compartments in each of the containers marked for morning, noon, evening and bedtime. The compartments are a good size and can easily hold a few meds.

Other Pill Boxes

There are lots of other pill organisers. Some have just two compartments if you only need to take tablets twice a day. Others that are similar to mine come in a wallet.

If you want to be really well organised, you can also get monthly pill organisers.

Is it safe to store your meds in a pill box?

Most medication can be stored this way, however, some medication must be kept in the blister pack until you take them. The patient information leaflet will tell you if that’s the case or you could ask your pharmacist.

How to organise medication to keep it safe and secure is written in red letters. In the background there is a huge amount of pills.

Organising Medication so that it is Safe and Secure

If you have children in your house, you need to ensure your medication is safely out of their reach. You might want to consider keeping your meds in a locked medical cabinet, like these ones from Amazon.

You also must ensure your medication doesn’t get into the wrong hands. Sadly, some medication is sought after by criminals. We can’t allow ourselves to become paranoid about this, but we should look after our meds so that they are as secure as possible.

An easy way to do this is to have a small safe in your home. They aren’t too expensive and it will give you peace of mind. They normally come with bolts so that they can be secured to a wall or floor.

Organising Medication – Extra Tips

Here are a few other helpful tips for organising your medication. (And please check out my other posts about managing medication and coping with side effects of medication)

Print Your prescription List

  • Print a copy of your meds, with the times you are supposed to take them then stick it onto your pill box so that you don’t get confused about what’s in there.

Set Alarms

  • Set an alarm on a clock, phone or computer to remind you to take your medication at the right time.

Going Out for the Day?

  • If you’re going out for the day, always take your meds with you. I normally take more than I need, just in case I am delayed in getting home. I don’t want to be caught out somewhere without my medication.
  • A reusable water bottle with pill compartments could prove useful if you’re out and about. You will always have water when you need to take your meds.

Going Abroad?

  • Don’t organise medication into your pillbox to take onto a flight because authorities at the airports need to know what that the meds have been prescribed for you. The general rule is to take a current prescription and keep the medication in the original pharmacy packaging showing the label with your details.

Never Run Out of Medication

  • Order repeat prescriptions on time, so you don’t run out. During holidays, you might need to order a bit earlier to ensure you get it in time.

Blister Pack Problems

Do you ever have problems getting your meds out of those blister packs? I do. My fingers get sore popping the tablets out of the blister packs and I often get cuts from the foil.

My husband made me a little tool to pop the tablets out and it’s really helpful. Before he made that, I looked online at pill poppers but they all had bad reviews. But I’ve found this one today, the Medi-popper which actually has good reviews. I can’t vouch for it myself, but if you have problems getting your meds out of those packs, you might want to consider that.

Organise Medication to Keep Them Safe and Secure

Meds will only work effectively if taken the way they’re prescribed and getting muddled with them is not only stressful but could be dangerous. Organising them properly and knowing that they are safe and secure, will give you peace of mind.

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3 thoughts on “How to Organise Medication and Keep it Secure

  1. Aw that’s so cool for your hubby to make you a little tool to help get meds out of blister packs. Some can be pretty tricky, let alone the wear and tear to your hands after regularly doing it every day. I’ve broken a tablet or two trying to get them out sometimes.

    You’re absolutely right about it not being about age (which is sadly what is often associated with pill boxes and such). It’s about being organised and safe and making sure you take what you need, when you need it. For meds that can’t go in a pill box, I have a Monday to Friday chart that I made for my dad and print it off for each week just so he can tick the odd days he needs to take those certain tablets. It’s just finding what works for you but it’s great there are different options out there with boxes and lists or setting alarms (another good idea).

    Fab post, Liz, lots of handy suggestions! xx

  2. Diffusing the Tension Blog

    Great advice! Pills holders are a great way to stay organized. Maybe i’ll get one one of these days.

  3. Rachael Tomlinson

    I really need to start doing this, I am not good at it at all, thankfully I don’t take too many but I do still have moments where I forget to take them.

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